Southampton University Caving Club


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it take up much of my time?

One of the good things about Caving is it can take up as much or as little time as you want. We have members who come to every social and practically every trip and others who we only see a few times a year. Unlike the competitive clubs where you are obligated to come to practices and matches you can quite easily take a break from caving if you get some pesky deadline.

How much Caving experience do I need to join?

Absolutely none. In fact, 95% of our members have never caved before University! It is a very easy sport to get in to, and any level of experience is welcomed.

Why caving?

Caving carries the lure of the unknown and the thrill of discovery. SUCC gives you the opportunity to explore a whole new world you never thought existed. Being a member of SUCC allows you to see some of the most spectacular geological formations in the UK, and in the world, whilst making great friends along the way.

Is it safe?

Yes. Like any active sport there are no guarantees but safety is of paramount importance. Caving has a poor reputation for safety which is mostly unfounded; the sport has a very low injury rate.

What does it all cost?

Caving is one of the cheapest societies you can join at Southampton University. With a £30 annual membership fee, you can go on an all-inclusive weekend trip away for as little as £25. We supply all of our members with any caving equipment that they need.

Any more questions?

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