Southampton University Caving Club


What to bring

What you should bring to a caving weekend. All caving kit itself is provided by the club

Normal Clothes

Recommended 2 sets for caving (one for each trip) and one for the hut. You could get away with a set for caving and another for the hut but you shouldn't rely on the drying room!

Warm Stuff

Caving huts can vary wildly in temperature (also good to keep warm on the way to the pub)


Very good for keeping you warm in wet caves. (A cheap set can be made with any tight fitting top e.g. modern rugby tops and a pair of thick tights (yes even for the blokes).

Wellington boots

Wellies are quite simply the best footwear to cave in. The club has a good selection which it is happy to lend out but please email to request them.


Marigold washing up gloves. A controversial one this (some cavers like gloves some don’t) but good for keeping your hands warm. Marigolds are cheap and can be a god-send so there's no harm in bringing them.


A wooly hat/balaclava is good for keeping warm underground. People with long hair should bring some stuff to tie it back e.g. hair bands, buff etc.

Sleeping Bag

To sleep in at the caving hut, or (sometimes) camping.

Wash Kit

To wash with. Don’t bother with beautifying stuff (hair straighteners/make up/hair gel) as many cavers don’t even bother to shower after a trip.


To dry off with/avoid flashing everyone when getting changed.


Money for the pub and to buy Friday dinner and any drinks you want for the parties at the hut.

Alcohol, etc.

There will normally be quite a few drinks had Friday and Saturday night. We normally stop on the way at a supermarket. Even if you don’t drink alcohol it will probably be worth bringing some coke/squash to quench your thirst.

Caving Kit

All caving kit is provided by the club but if you want to buy your own then this kit buying guide is very helpful.