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Sludge Pit

Sludge Pit


6.4.16 - Sludge Pit - Paul and Ryan

We were up and ready to cave by 11am!

We went to park at the Wessex Hut to save us all of 5mins walk. In the entrance and down the ladder fairly quickly with a fairly strong sounding imaginary lifeline. It didn't take long to figure out the way we wanted to go but the sharp rock edges looked like they were going to rip my wetsuit if I pushed too hard so we decided to go down the main passageway. We explored the section known as e maze and did several cross over loops between passages. To finish with we followed the main stream way past the sign that warns of bad air and loose rocks in the roof. It didn't take that long to reach the end of the passage.

On the way out we searched for the way to the passage we initially intended to use. I felt it was too tight but Ryan managed to get through. I gave him 5 mins to explore and then, on his return, we followed the main route back out.

A nice little trip. However, the stupid door blew shut on my fingers but not without me whipping my hand away before it actually damaged them like last time.

We returned to Southampton and hot tubbed the aches and pains away.

Overall a good weekend (midweek).

Paul 'munge me when I'm' Walker

By Paul Clement Walker